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About WorkMetric

I'm Frank Radke, founder and managing director of WorkMetric.

Long time before Corona, I saw the classic office as a discontinued model, which will probably no longer exist in this form everywhere in the future. Due to my many years of experience in this area, I help companies to move from the classic office with permanent workstations to a flexible digital workspace.

Together with my employees, I support companies and point out ways to optimally use existing space, workplaces and meeting rooms with the latest hardware and software solutions. Every company spends unnecessarily thousands of euros for desks every year. By implementing a simple shared desk model, companies can save up to 20% of their workplace capacities.

These are areas that can be made available to employees as a place of retreat, break room or as a collaboration area, or that can be saved in order to reduce costs. This makes companies more flexible to grow and freer to plan.

Thanks to modern sensors and intelligent software, modern companies always know how their workload is going and can react quickly. Together we will recognize the utilization of your workstations and meeting rooms in order to use them more efficiently.

My employees and I will help you to plan, implement and operate your digital workspace.

A little insight into what we do
  • Capacities and utilization studys with sensors
  • Consulting on all aspects of workspace management and new work
  • Workshops to develop the right workplace concept for you
  • Selection and implementation of booking and management software
  • Operation and support of your solution
Why should you contact us

We have been active in this area for many years and know the various solutions with their advantages and disadvantages in the market. We help you to find the best solution for you and not just sell you an off-the-shelf product. It is not important to us that the deal is completed quickly, but that you get the solution you are looking for.

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