Project Description

  • Dynamic reports
  • Individually designed dashboards with forecasts / prediction based on the data
  • Charts / statistics
  • Interfaces/export options such as CSV or various APIs
  • Interactive plans showing free seats
  • Bookable seats
  • Ad-hoc places with sensors
  • Intuitive use
  • 20% - 30% savings potential
  • Optimize area utilization
  • Save fixed desks
  • Reduce costs
  • Make better use of existing resources
  • Modern reporting
  • Need-oriented workspace
  • Flexible bookable
  • Effective with modern displays and sensors
Single Workplace
Today, the requirements of the employees are very different and usually very flexible, just as it should be the workplace

Concentrated working in a quiet place

Verwaltung von Ressourcen
In the past, people spent all day at their desk and left it only in exceptional cases

Telephone conference in a telephone box

so that everyone can work in a quiet atmosphere

Today we demand our employees through a variety of activities

Team meeting not at the place of the team leader

but in a booked collaboration area  

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