•  Flexible support tailored to your needs 
  •  Scalable 
  •  Individual and customizable service times
  •  Dedicated or integrated ticketsystem 
  •  Multilingual 
  •  Qualified and trained contact person - no questionnaire support 
  •  Individual SLA 
  •  Optional also dedicated persons on-site 
  • Qualified personnel who act professionally on your behalf 
  • Flexible terms
  • Europe-wide / multilingual 
  • Complete project execution by experienced project managers and technical consultants
  • Dedicated project management
  • Dedicated employees for your requierments and projects  
  • On-site or remotely 

New situations require new paths.
A lot has changed due to Corona and for many companies the question now arises, what do we do with our offices. Even before Corona, we successfully helped companies digitize and redesign their work areas. We have never lost sight of the employees.

The current crisis is now the driver for the change in jobs. This results in an even greater need - to pick up people, i.e. employees. In order to meet the new requirements, we are now actively supporting in the area of coaching and change management through a cooperation with the Ziel Werkstatt.


Together we will develop your new office in the workshop

We have developed an extensive workshop format to answer the question of how you can use your work areas after Corona. In these workshops, we record the current situation and learnings from the pandemic and lay the foundation to develop an efficient, tailor-made solution for you.
We use the results of our workshops and preliminary studies to plan your new workplace concept. It not only includes ideas for the new room design and use in the office, but also input for a cultural change.
We don't leave you alone with the concept - the real work only begins after the conception. We help you to select the right solutions and to implement them successfully. Such an elementary change also requires good and ongoing communication and this must work in both directions. Regularly gathering feedback from employees and considering objections are decisive factors in a successful project.

  • Quality management for software 
  • Test data and real data generation 
  • Software development projects